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How To Use Alarms In Windows 10

How To Use Alarms In Windows 10: Windows 10, the latest and probably the last Windows edition have some really great features and looks. According to recent reports, about 35% of Windows devices are currently running on Windows 10. Microsoft have really paid attention to this version of Windows and added new app and features like Cortana (assistant app), Groove Music (music player app), Microsoft Edge (a fast internet browser) and many more. While people are enjoying new features of Windows 10, other are trying to get most out it by using it for daily uses and it is making working on Windows a lot easier.

The day starts with alarms, while everyone hates it but most of them prefer to use it daily for waking up. You might have used alarms a million times on your smartphones hence they have replaced the alarm clocks. A good thing to know about here is that Windows 10 is loaded with Alarms and Clock app too, which you can use to set alarms, create world clock, use it as time and many more.

How to Use Alarms in Windows 10

So if you are the one who is searching for how to use alarms in Windows 10, then you have landed on the correct page. The alarm clock feature was first introduced in Windows 8.1, and it just got better in Windows 10. You can use alarms in Windows 10 to boost your productivity, get notified on time and for many more things.

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If you have used Windows 10 mobile before, then the process of setting alarms in Windows 10 is quite similar too. Another thing to know about Alarms & Clock Apps in Windows 10 that your alarms won’t sound when your system is in sleep mode or shut down. Though you can use InstantGo to make your alarms ring even when your device is in Sleep Mode. To get started with alarms in Windows 10, follow steps mentioned below.

  • First of all click on start button, and then type Alarms and Clock to get the app. Open it.

  • From the alarms and clock app, you can either set new alarm by clicking on the “+” button below, or edit the existing one by clicking on it.

  • First of all you will have to set time for your alarm. Set hour, minutes and AM/PM.

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  • Then it will ask you to name your Alarm, you can write anything here and that message will be displayed when alarm will ring.

  • Next, you will have option to make alarm ring either for one day or each day of the week.

  • Now you can click “Sound” to choose the alarm sound you want to hear when it goes off. One thing to remember here is that unlike Android and iOS you can’t assign custom tones or songs in Windows 10 alarms.
  • Next setting is about Snooze time, you can set snooze timing from 5, 10, 20, 30, and 60 minutes.
  • Finally, when you are done with your alarm, click on the disc icon at bottom right to save it or X icon to delete your alarm.

Use Cortana to Set Alarms in Windows 10

Cortana, the Windows 10 assistant can help you in doing most of your work. It can sing, search anything for you, knows how to sing and a lot more things like setting alarms in Windows 10.

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Many of you may know about how to set alarms using Cortana in Windows 10, but for those it is a new thing, we have mentioned steps below to set alarms using Cortana.

  • First of all click on Start menu button and then select Cortana from that.
  • Now if you want to use voice commands to set alarms in Windows 8.1 or 10, then you will need a microphone.

  • Either say or type “Wake Me Up At 4 PM” or anything you want to get reminded of.
  • On the first place you will find Set An Alarm option under Best match. Click on that to set alarms.

  • Now wait for the process to get finished, and then you will get a message saying “I set an alarm for 4:00 PM.”

  • By default your alarm will ring only once, and if you want to configure it more then click on the alarm.
  • Now you will be taken to Alarms and Clock app and you will notice that an alarm is already there, which you have set up.
  • If you want to edit that alarm, then click on it.

Final Thoughts about How To Use Alarms In Windows 10…

Using alarm in Windows 10, and getting reminded on time or using it to wake up are just small features of Windows 10. There are a lot more great and useful features available in Windows 10. We hope you have now got answer of how to use Alarm in Windows 10.

Let’s have a look:

Though you can use the clock app or alarm app of Windows 10 for other uses like stopwatch, timer, to know about world time and many more. If you know about any other methods about How to use alarm in Windows 10, then do let us know about them via comments below.

How To Use Alarms In Windows 10
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