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How to Synchronise Settings in Windows 10? An Step-by-Step Tutorial!

Windows sync settings introduced in Windows 8. But it got better in Windows 10 significantly. Sync settings launched in Windows 8. But it’s not so familiar to the most people. No problem. Because I am going to explain everything about the How Do I Sync My Setting in Windows 10.

How Do I Sync My Settings in Windows 10?

  • Go to the Sync your Settings like in steps below.
  • The first section is Sync Settings.
  • Now you can see one option under this section which reads as Sync your settings on This PC.
  • If you move the slider to the right then it will turn on.
  • And if you move it to the left then it will be set to off.

Windows 8 didn’t get praise from the users, and so most people didn’t move on from their previous OS (Windows 7, XP, Vista). Syncing your setting across multiple devices. Do you know anything about it?

Although, after releasing Windows 10, most people decided to move on to Windows 10 from Windows 7 at last. It means that there will be many Windows 10 machines accessed by the same individual by putting the same Microsoft account. It’s a perfect time to know more about the sync settings.

You will find Sync Settings in the OneDrive group. But you may not bother to look here unless you are looking there out of curiosity. Also, there are twelve other unfamiliar items which you may too use too much.


However, the Sync settings are accessible under accounts group in Windows 10, and it’s called “Sync your settings” now. It has seven options instead of twelve which is suitable to manage for the standard users.


You can disable sync settings with the first choice after toggling. It refers that you have a local Microsoft account on that computer. There won’t be any changes in the settings when you Sign In to other computers with the same account.


You will find the individual sync settings below to help you access the settings from one computer to another by logging into your Microsoft account. You can set theme (colour and backgrounds) which means that if you want to keep your Windows 10 themes, turn it off.

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Next, you have ‘Web browser settings’, and the default browser is Microsoft Edge. This sync setting is applicable for bookmarks. Themes, logins, extensions and much more. All of your passwords can be transferred into another your Windows 10  system so that you don’t need type every now and then.


What’s next? You can manage “Language preferences”, which is very helpful especially if you intend to utilize Windows multilingual. “Ease of Access” sync settings remember any modifications you have done on your computer so that you can access from another machine with the same configuration. There’s another sync setting “Other Windows settings” to manage small desktop tasks like window accents, task bar position, and so on.

How Do I Sync My Settings in Windows 10

I have told you about the sync settings in Windows 10 above. Now, it’s time to find out how to sync settings in Windows 1o. It’s a very easy and straightforward process. Just follow few simple steps to sync setting from one computer to another.

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Step 1: Go to Settings or you can simply use search option to find ‘Settings’ in your Windows 10 PC.


Step 2: Click on Accounts: Your Account, sync settings, work, family.


Step 3: Next, click on “Sync settings” from the left.


Step 4: Click on “Individual Sync Settings”, turn on/off any settings if you prefer. (You can see the image below).


Toggle on/off your settings and close it after that. That’s all you need to do to sync your settings in Windows 10. You should upgrade to Windows 10 if you want to access all of your settings from one computer to another computer without any nuisance.

It’s Your Turn…

I’ve told you everything you need to know about the syncs settings and How Do I Sync My Settings in Windows 10? If you haven’t upgraded from Windows 7 or XP up until now; you should do it now. Sync settings can be very useful to access your data from another place by logging into your Microsoft account at ease.

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Let me know if you have any doubts about the sync settings by dropping a comment below. I’ll do my best to solve your query. Would you take a moment to share this article with your friends on social media platforms? I hope that you will.

How to Synchronise Settings in Windows 10? An Step-by-Step Tutorial!
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