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How Do I Know Whether to Trust A Website on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Internet Explorer is still unpopular among the internet users. But did you see the new Microsoft Edge browser? It’s the default browser for Windows 10 operating system.

But how do you know whether to trust a website on Microsoft Edge? Microsoft is trying to gain popularity once again in the web world. In fact, it built with the highest priority for security issues. Without any further delay let’s find out more info about how to trust a website on Microsoft Edge. Before starting, have you read the Get Help with File Explorer in Windows 10 Guide? If not then we suggest you to go through the article once.

How Do I Know Whether To Trust A Website On Microsoft Edge?

You will see a lock icon at the start of the URL in your browser which indicates that it’s a verified website and the owner is using a digital certificate to confirm it. It’s an additional method to confirm ownership. You can see all the details about verification after clicking on the lock icon.

You must have seen a green icon while logging into Facebook. You can see it now if you haven’t noticed it yet. A pop-up will appear whenever you access Facebook from an unknown source in the browser. It is applicable for all other sites as well. You should check the HTTPS and the lock icon before logging in.


A grey lock icon means it is an encrypted and authentic while a green lock icon refers that Microsoft Edge browser thinks this site authentic as it includes an Extended Validation (EV) certificate which demands a more specific identification.

3 Security Features in Microsoft Edge Browser:

  • Prevent phishers even before they cast their bait:

Phishing is a method to acquire confidential info from other trusted sources. But how do you know whether to trust a website on Microsoft edge? It used by hackers to steal your vital information on the web quite often. But you won’t face such issue while using Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10. You will be able to browse safely with this browser.

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Microsoft Edge performs a routine check to ensure that you can browse every website safely.  You will view a warning if anything is wrong.

  • Operates In A Sandbox:

Microsoft Internet Explorer’s biggest drawback was that it integrated into Microsoft Windows directly which means that your whole PC or laptop could be at risk along with the browser.

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But it’s not the same case with Edge browser as it’s a universal app as it running continuously in a partial sandbox.

What Is sandbox?  How Do I Know whether to trust a website on Microsoft edge?

Sandboxing is a security phase for effecting a program or software in a contained environment so that it doesn’t modify any other programs. Microsoft Edge has better security for end-users as it doesn’t affect your computer like Internet Explorer before.  You have realized how to know whether to trust a website on Microsoft edge. Aren’t you?

  • Deactivates Offensive Extensions, Such As ActiveX And More:   

Edge Browser won’t allow harmful extensions like ActiveX and VB Scripts. These extensions were included in the software previously. Edge browser has a new list of extensions to provide hassle-free browsing experience.

Final Thoughts…

I have told you everything that you need to know about Microsoft Edge browser. Now, you must have a clear idea on how do I know whether to trust a website on Microsoft edge on Windows 10 after reading this article. You may bookmark this blog to read the latest Windows 10 tips and tricks. Did you find it useful?

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How Do I Know Whether to Trust A Website on Microsoft Edge
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