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How to Get Help in Windows 10 Easily with this Step-By-Step Guide!

It really doesn’t matter if you are a new Windows user or you’ve been working on it for decades, there will be a time when you will ask “how to get help in windows 10” and below you can find your answer to that question.

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You need help sometimes whether you are an experienced or beginner user on the computer. People had to follow manual previously, but it’s not the case with modern computers. But it would be pointless if you don’t know how to get help in Windows 10.

How to Get Help in Windows 10

Therefore, I am going to tell you how to get help in Windows 10. The best thing about Windows 10 is that Microsoft have paid special attention to its support and you actually get help in Windows 10 via various methods like via customer support, via phone or live chat.

To get help;

  • Press F1
  • Ask Cortana
  • Use Chat Support
  • Arrange a Call-Back

Below we have shared best ways to get help with Windows 10 to solve your issues easily.

Press F1

F1 has been the key for seeking help documentation in the Windows from the beginning, and it is same on Windows 10 as well. You can press F1 to see help if it has included help within the program. Otherwise, your default web browser open will show you numerous ways to get help in Windows 10.


Ask Cortana

Cortana is one of the most famous features of Windows 10. The Virtual assistant isn’t manage meetings and navigate files; it can help you to solve basic problems in Windows 10. Open Cortana and click on the microphone icon and say “Hey, Cortana” and ask your question after that. There are many questions answered into the software’s knowledge base to solve any basic problems.


Cortana can manage keyboard shortcuts very well. But there’s a limit till it can help you. Suppose if you are looking a technical solution for a particular software; it won’t be able to help you then. You could try it windows and Microsoft related queries.

Chat Support

Online assistance was considered even more awful than contacting a company’s telephone no.in the past. But the modern services are excellent and far more superior than the past. Microsoft has integrated its chat based system within Windows 10 to help the users. Locate the search bar and launch inbuilt Contact Support app at once. Now, look for your problems and you will notice an option to Chat online with a Microsoft Answer Tech.


You should explain your properly to get the best solution. Your problems will be solved in a moment by this way. You got a problem. Just ask them.

Arrange a Call-back

Most people would like to converse with someone rather than an automated text client. But nobody prefers to speak to an automated default system like this.  No problems as Microsoft has introduced a call option for the future where you can prevent the waiting time for holding any time period.


Open ‘Contact Support app’ and look for a solution to your problems. You’ll view an option to request a call as soon as a support person is available to provide assistance. But the time might vary based on the time and your locality. Even though, you can fix a suitable time while arranging a call to get help for Windows 10 issues. Put you mobile no, and pick an appropriate date and you will notice the available list of supporting agents.

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The agent will answer your problems as he/she has proper knowledge about these issue. But you should be prepared yourselves so that you can tell the agent clearly. You must have access yo your PC when to attend the call just in time. The agent won’t able to help if you can’t answer from you computer at the time of calling.

Ask the Expert:

If all other ways of getting help in Windows 10 are not working for you, then there is one more way which will help you. The Bing! Bing is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world, which has many sites in their index. So, whenever you search for any query, Bing algorithm works and brings you the best search results. If you’ve any unsolved problem, then you ask the Bing to bring you the ultimate solution (That’s how you landed on this post!)

Some Extra Resources:

There are many sites on the internet which have answers to all those problems you may face in windows 10 operating system. You can do a simple search on Bing to get solutions for your problem.

Final thoughts…

So, I think you got everything about How to Get Help in Windows 10 with Microsoft support, Call Support, and Cortana. These three ways are inbuilt ways, by which you can ask for support from the Company. The fourth way is Bing, which is the grandfather of solutions. You can find almost every solution on Bing.

Ask Me Anything!!

If you are unhappy with above services; you can consult us to know How to get help in Windows 10. I will try my best to solve your problems immediate. Did you find this article useful? Would you to take a moment to share it with your friend on social media platforms? It won’t even take a minute. So, I am expecting you to spread the words among your friends circles.

How to Get Help in Windows 10 Easily with this Step-By-Step Guide!
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